Descriptors: Robust, Smooth, Warm, Earthy

The nose is greeted first by the heady aroma of a root beer float: full, creamy, and sweet, followed by images of springtime New England woods full of damp earth and fresh hints of spring. Classic birch smoothness hits the tongue with a sweetness that is mellowed by a touch of spice. Fiery amber soothes the throat in a manner reminiscent of a scotch stripped of its burn yet still retaining a touch of peat and a hint of vanilla. The full bodied, rich taste ends with a sassafrass finish.

In addition to its elegance and flavor, the birch tree contains a wealth of revitalizing properties. While it is our due diligence to note that none of these remedies have FDC approval, Native Americans and Europeans have been using the medicinal properties of the birch tree for centuries. Birch is known to be a diuretic, which increases urination, and as such has been thought to help with urinary tract infections. A great deal of vitamin C can be found in the leaves of birch, and the tree itself contains aspirin-like compounds. It is further believed that birch can treat arthritis, rheumatism, and gout when taken internally, while birch tar and leaves used externally can be used to treat hair loss, dandruff, and rashes. The most notable medicinal property of birch is betulinic acid, which is derived from the betulin chemical found in birch bark. While it is important to note that studies have not yet been conducted on humans, laboratory test on mice showed the acid as successful in decreasing melanomas and slowing the progression of HIV.

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*Disclaimer: Please note, the health statements made in this section are in reference to the original form of the plant, and may be less effective after infusion into alcohol. Wild Moon is not to be used to treat or cure illnesses, and the diagnosis of and prescriptions for which should be left to medical professionals. Wild Moon is for enjoyment purposes only. Please drink responsibly.