Relationship to HFC: I was a super fan. I would go visit almost bi-monthly for purchases, tours, and/or tastings. I had a great time each visit and with as much as I purchased, I figured I should start working there.

How I got into loving the art of the drink: I think it’s the fact that the flavors are unique but all delicious. I love trying new drinks and experiencing new things.

Dream car: An Audi R8 in forest green.

5 Favorite Things: Traveling, Game Nights, Spending time with family, Hanging out with friends, drinks, and food – of course.

Ultimate dream: To be able to travel whenever I want to with whomever I want to. I also want to own an apartment complex for the less fortunate where they will have a job center on the ground floor, as well as a salon, and a “store” for them to choose suits, dresses, etc.

Favorite music genre, band, or performer: It varies. I listen to Rap, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Alternative, Techno, Country, Classical, Jazz, anything.

Next vacation destination if money were no object: Tahiti, Bali, A trip to an island where I can explore and relax. Or a trip around the world.

All-time favorite movie: Dirty Dancing and The Cutting Edge

Best way to spend a free day: Curled up with a book and some drinks.

Favorite Wild Moon flavor: What season is it? My favorite varies by season. Chai Spice overall if I have to choose.

What is the closest thing to real magic: Love.

Favorite charity: The Innocence Project

Are aliens real: Yes

Number one thing society needs to change:  The unwillingness to be educated in race relations.

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be: Malcolm X and Tupac Shakur

Favorite vegetable: Spinach

If you could have one superpower, what would it be: Be invisible

Favorite quote: “Dance like no one is watching.”

What book changed your life: Medical Apartheid

Ocean or lake: A little of both.