Our Logo, Goddess Diana

Diana is the Roman goddess of the Wild, woodlands, wild animals, the hunt, the Moon, and children and childbirth. She is Queen of Light and the Open Sky as well as Queen of the (good) Witches and Healing andWise Women. She symbolizes the independent female with a free spirit, in touch with her wild side. She is the Lady of Wild Things.  Choosing the Goddess Diana and her deer companion represented all that we wanted to do with our new company, The Hartford Flavor Company.

We want to be in touch with that independent spirit and through Wild Moon provide something unique that is available at your favorite establishments and/or for you to enjoy in your home as well.  We love the current cocktail culture and believe our line of botanical, all-natural, pure flavored infused liqueurs can help bring this movement to even greater heights.

The deer by her side represents Diana’s harmony with all of the wild beasts. For us, it represents young Hartford, as the hert or deer is one of Hartford’s city symbols. We want to be a part of Hartford’s ongoing resurgence and give back to the community in many ways. To honor Diana and her love of the woodlands, we want to help the green movement within Hartford and Connecticut.

The Oak Grove is the most sacred space for Diana.  Another of Harford’s famous symbols is the historic Charter Oak tree, which was used to hide Connecticut’s separatist charter from mother England in 1687.  Again, this independent spirit and the similar symbolism spoke to us.

At the turn of the 20th century, Hartford was called the Athens of America, as there was so much going on culturally and otherwise. This is occurring once again and Diana, with her bow drawn shooting for the sky, will help propel us forward.


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