The Tasting Room that will Stimulate the Senses

From the very first days of ideating about Hartford Flavor’s future, we were convinced that a tasting room would be welcomed by consumers, mixologists, and retailers alike.  

The space will include a unique bar, décor, and comfortable furniture.  It will be a place to have a taste of both currently-offered and/or not-yet-released flavors.  The tasting room will also accommodate private events and fundraisers.  Your contribution will help build the bar, which we plan on making out of old Connecticut barn boards that will bring a local flair to the space.  We plan on comfortably seating upwards of 20 people at the bar and at other chairs and tables in the space.  The concept of the tasting room will be “modern apothecary”…  We are taking an old idea and bringing it into the present.

When you come in for a product line tasting and a production facility tour, you’ll get to meet other open-minded drinkers and learn about our process and philosophies. Our team is excited to be able to host you and we hope the space seems like home.  Check out the cool rewards you will receive as a backer of this campaign!!  Thanks for your consideration – we look forward to the day when you can come into the tasting room, raise a glass, and say “CHEERS!”