Chai Spice

Descriptors: Warm, Exotic, Spicy, Rich, Full

Pop the cork to the welcoming smell of holiday spice and tropical breezes. Warm gold envelops first the nose and then the taste buds. Cinnamon and spiced honey at the onset rounded by notes of ginger and exotic spices. Full bodied heat dissipates, leaving the delicate flavor of cardamom to demand another sip.

While all of our flavors are chock-full of revitalizing effects, few rival the extensive array of medicinal properties that come with Chai Spice tea. While the term “chai tea” is redundant, as chai literally means tea in several languages, chai spice in all its unified glory will do your body good. It is made up of a concoction of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, clove, and black pepper. Each of these elements has their own unique curative properties. Most commonly, they aid in digestion, boost the immune system, and provide cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Black Pepper: Aids in digestion and boosts the metabolism, which in turn reduces fat storage. Provides antioxidants that prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Cardamom: Improves circulation, aids in digestion, and fights bad breath. Boosts the immune system, which helps fight respiratory allergies.

Cinnamon: Aids in digestion, balances blood sugar, and helps fight flatulence. Helps fight inflammation, and provides antioxidants that prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Clove: Aids in digestion, and has analgesic properties that can alleviate ulcer pain.

Coriander: Treats skin inflammation and mouth ulcers, helps cholesterol and blood sugar, eases menstrual disorders, and helps diarrhea.

Ginger: Helps fight inflammation, which helps alleviate arthritis pain. Improves circulation and aids in digestion. Provides antioxidants that prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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*Disclaimer: Please note, the health statements made in this section are in reference to the original form of the plant, and may be less effective after infusion into alcohol. Wild Moon is not to be used to treat or cure illnesses, and the diagnosis of and prescriptions for which should be left to medical professionals. Wild Moon is for enjoyment purposes only. Please drink responsibly.