Relationship to HFC: Production Manager, Chemist.

How I got into loving the art of the drink: The Italian-Greek Family that I married graciously shared the art.

Dream car: Tesla Model

Favorite Things: Life, marriage, children, grandchildren & a bevande deliziose!

Ultimate dream/what would you do if you could wave your magic wand; Pop into my rocket & cruise the universe to find an Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Next vacation destination if money were no object: I would love to go see the new telescope that will replace the Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope, JWST before it launches in 2019. The Hubble images are just amazing, I cannot even begin to imagine what the JWST images will bring back to us on Earth!

All-time favorite movie/book: The Realm of the Nebulae.

Best way to spend a free day: ‘La Dolce Far Niente’

Favorite Wild Moon flavor: Cucumber

Favorite charity: Foster Care & Women’s Center.

Number one thing society needs to change: Division as it relates to everything, from ideas, race, gender, etc so we may live as 1 people on 1 Earth in our galaxy.

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be: Nikola Tesla

Favorite vegetable: Peas

Favorite quote: “ Science is the one activity that is truly progressive” and “ It would be possible to construct an entire history of art if considered solely through the prism of alcohol.

Ocean or lake: Ocean- like the universe so much to offer yet not known.