FOX 61: Hartford is now home to its first liquor distillery in 40+ years

It’s been decades since you could get a fresh bottle of liquor in the capital city, but that’s about to change.

While the recent hit in the state is partial to craft breweries, one business is bucking the trend to sell locally distilled liquor.

The Hartford Flavor Company opened its factory doors less than a month ago, but over the next few weeks the company will rev up and start selling in stores across the state with the label “Wild Moon Liqueurs.” They’re hoping to work up to 60 gallons, or 600 bottles, of liquor per day.

Lelaneia Dubay, who is launching the Hartford Flavor Company, said she wanted a title as creative as the drinks she was cooking up. “I am the creatrix and infusionist at the Hartford Flavor Company.

Dubay began making bottles of cranberry liqueur five years ago for friends, but everyone said she should make it a full-blown business.

The business will sell six flavors: cranberry, cucumber, birch, lavender, rose and chai spice. All of the flavors will be infused with sugar cane-based alcohol, which will sweeten the liquid before it is aged and bottled.

The drinks are all natural, gluten-free and made with real ingredients.